O.D. Lecturing Legacy

My name is Oldrich Dedek and by a turn of fate I am a citizen of the Czech Republic. Having soberly evaluated my career path, I would place the index value of my personal satisfaction somewhere above the average between extremes of dull greyness, on the one hand, and bright azure on the other. Pondering on how to best encapsulate my approach to the challenges of life, I would subscribe to the somewhat fatalistic adage, “what will happen, will happen”.

On the most recent leg of my professional pilgrimage, I have experienced the pleasures and pains of being a university teacher at the rank of professor. I have been fortunate to be able to teach good courses, work with good colleagues and have good students. To my students I have felt obliged to play fair, making sure that they are aware of the skills required in the ritual of examinations. That’s why I put a lot of effort into developing well-organized teaching aids, or handouts, which students can use to manage scarce study time efficiently in today's hectic age. At the same time I have learned through experience that a handout that is intelligently and carefully put together is the best protection against the sometimes unintelligible declamation that comes from the lecturer’s podium.

Over the course of my teaching, it has become clear to me that my handouts have served my students well. That is why I continue to work at improving them. This not just for my remaining time as a university professor, but also for my retirement when I will be looking for meaningful ways to fill an abundance of free time. Fortunately, with digital media, including personal websites, we are able to communicate with people around the world anytime and from anywhere.

Some people plant a tree to be remembered by, others build a house as a legacy. I decided to go with my handouts and ensure their longevity by creating this website. I am motivated by the conviction that future students will be the same as current ones in one respect, namely in their inclination to comply with the requirements of their teachers with a minimum effort. This will be the case even when all of us are long gone.

Professor Oldrich DEDEK

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